What Is A Credit Card Annuity? Understand and Know How to Negotiate

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What Is A Credit Card Annuity? Understand and Know How to Negotiate



Know What is Credit Card Annuity

Often, people receive the invoice from the card and they do not know what credit card annuity is. And when the debts tighten, it’s good to know up close all the items we paid.

So, what is a credit card annuity? Sometimes, many people pay this debt without even knowing why. Or if there are discounts or if other banks offer a lower annuity. So in this post, you will know more about what is credit card annuity.

Understand What is a Credit Card Annuity

Understand What is a Credit Card Annuity

The customer receives the credit card released by the bank. From there, the institution can automatically charge a fee for the use of this device. Annuity is just that rate.

According to the Central Bank of Brazil – the body responsible for regulating all banking institutions in the country – the collection of this fee is not illegal. However, payment may be made in monthly or spot installments.

What happens is that some banks start charging the annuity from the first year of use of the card without advising the customer. The amount is already charged to your invoice. Because of this, it is essential that attention be paid to these details. Always ask for more information about this fee before you even apply for a card.

How to find out the value of the credit card annuity?


Now that you already know what credit card annuity is, learn is also the amount that is charged by the banks.

  • I do not have a credit card: the amount of the annuity is usually available on the website of the banking institutions in the section on the credit card. There, you can access all the data and information of each of the cards offered with the annuity amount. If you still have any questions, please contact the bank’s service center or ask your manager directly.
  • I already have a credit card: the best way to find out is to call the branch office. The annuity and invoice data are also included in the card’s monthly invoice. But in some cases, the account may not give information about the full amount of the annuity.

The Central Bank provides a table with the annuity rates charged by the banks.

Is the value of the credit card annuity negotiable?


Now you already know what credit card annuity is and how to get informed about it. The next step is to know if there is any chance of trading on the amount charged. This can vary from case to case. But there is the possibility of not paying this annuity.

This will depend on how much is spent on your credit card if there were never delays in payment and the type of credit card used. That is, this negotiation is not possible for everyone. However, the attempt to negotiate with the bank is always valid. If you are a customer who has always paid your bills and a frequent card user, the chances of trading can be good.

The main tip here is to seek information on the annuity price at other banks. See if their annuity is similar to or lower than your rate. And it’s always important to remember. Credit card annuity changes over the years. If you got a discount with the bank, get ready, as you will have to negotiate again the following year.

If you prefer, there are options in the credit card market without annuity.

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